Photos: 2013-2014 and 2014-15 seasons

April 30, 2014

Today Steve Ferg and Daniel Duflot played their last game, in Cottonwood Lane in Fort Lowell Park. Daniel soon will be flying back to his home near Verdun. We are sad to see him leave.

Aujourd’hui, Steve Ferg et Daniel Duflot ont joué leur dernier match, à Cottonwood Lane dans le parc Fort Lowell. Daniel volera bientôt à son domicile près de Verdun. Nous sommes tristes de le voir partir.


Photos – Mar 16, 2014 – visitors from Prescott, Jerome & France

The Visitors

This week we had visitors from the Jerome petanque club, “Goules with Boules”.

IMG_0009Bill Volk (center) is the ringleader of the Jerome group. That’s locals Jon on the left and Lucien on the right. This week we lost Jon, who is returning to Seattle after enjoying Tucson’s winter climate.

IMG_0008 Left to right, Bill’s sons Adan and Brian, wife Manuela, and local Natacha.

Bill Volk
Bill Volk




Les Visiteurs

Monsieur Daniel Duflot, of Verdun, France, is in Tucson, visiting family.
Monsieur Daniel Duflot, of Verdun, France, is in Tucson, visiting family.
Daniel's son-in-law, Donovan
Daniel’s son-in-law, Donovan
Daniel's grandson and Donovan's son, Benjamin (Ben)
Daniel’s grandson and Donovan’s son, Benjamin (Ben)
As it happened, Ben’s other grandfather, Howard, was visiting from Prescott, just over the mountain from Jerome. That’s him in the center, brown cap.

The Locals


Photos – Mar 9, 2014

Hans had visitors from Bremen — Willy and Johan — who came down to play. Ella was there also, taking pictures. Unfortunately, I shot most of my pictures into the shade and got nothing. Here are the best that I have.

Willy on the left, Johan on the right.
Willy on the left, Johan on the right.
Willy and Johan,  with John, contemplating the situation.
Willy and Johan, with Jon, anticipating the throw.

Photos – Feb 16, 2014

A great turnout today with 11 players — two doubles teams and two triples teams. Visitors Lucien Masson and friend Natacha drove an hour-and-a-half from Pearce to join us. Mario and Karen brought along young Cameron, who stepped in when Jon left and took to the game like a duck to water. Jon, Steve, Tom, Hans, Koren and Rob. Lucien and Hans pretty much mopped the floor with their opponents. The second triples game… Mario, Karen, Cameron vs Koren, Rob, Natacha… was particularly challenging, with winners gaining only one point per end and the scores never more than one point apart until the winning point.

Weather was unseasonably hot for February — we hit 82 degrees around 3 pm — but a light breeze and high cloud cover prevented Solar Grill Syndrome. In fact, the temperature was quite pleasant.

Trying out a new camera, I grabbed a lot of quick long shots. I guess the real star of this particular picture show is our playing area in Reid Park.

test caption
1. Koren, Karen (center), Rob
Kids playground and Santa Catalina Mountains in the background.
test caption 2
2. In the background is the lake and the “toy train” for sightseers.
3. Mario and Natacha (left) and Lucien (right), with Hans throwing
4. Note the high cloud cover over the Catalinas
5. Tom shows nice form, with parking lot and restrooms in the background.
6. Mario does a nice demi-lob.
7. Natacha points smoothly, undisturbed by the pink balloon wafting in from a nearby birthday party
8. Lucien preparing to measure for the point.
9. Cameron displays fine form in his first time out, sans lessons
10. Looks like the boule on the left has one point, but do they have more than one?

Photos – Jan 12, 2014

Playing on the unmarked natural terrain in Reid Park — a Provencal town square, transported to Tucson, Arizona.

Playing on the unmarked natural terrain in Reid Park — a Provencal town square, transported to Arizona.
Jon prepares, while visitors Koren and Rob (background) ask each other “What in the world are they playing?”
Tom quickly resuscitates dormant petanque skills.
Beginner Koren displays formidable hand-eye coordination for her first time on a terrain.
Tom and Hans confer on strategy.
Jon and Hans
Jon and Hans

I fell down on the job this season. I failed to get pictures of some of our new regulars… Elaine and Linda.

Photos – Mar 15, 2015

Our 2014-15 winter season is winding down. Jon has been back in Seattle for a couple of weeks. Rob and Koren are packing for their trip back to Alaska. Elaine will be heading back to Newfoundland at the end of the month.

But we had some nice drop-in visitors — Margaret (left center), and Lupita (far left) and Erasmo (far right).

(L-R) Lupita, [didn't get her name]. Margaret, Steve, Dave, Erasmo
(L-R) Lupita, [didn’t get her name], Margaret, Steve, Dave, Erasmo.
Elaine behind the camera.
Photos – Feb 22, 2015

Our youngest player, Josue, age 10, with his winning boule.

Photos – Feb 1, 2015

At 11 am this morning the sky was cloudy and gloomy, but the sun came out around noon. By 2 pm the temperature was balmy.

Hans and Dave, and Koren and Rob, and Steve (me) were there, and we had six visitors. Anna was passing thru Tucson on her way to the West Coast. And five folks who had heard of us through the Alliance Française dropped in.

Left to right - Anna, Alexis, Anael,Simon, Pauline, and Francois
Left to right – Anna, Alexis, Anael, Simon, Pauline, and François


These photos were taken by Koren in December.
Click on any picture to go into slideshow mode.

Photos – Nov 16, 2014
Some of our newer and younger players.

Photos – Nov 09, 2014

Several new players this week.

Alan and Tyler came with Logan
Leslie came with Cassie and Taylor
Glen and James

… and Jon is back from the northern wilderness of Edmonds and Seattle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos – Nov 2, 2014

A nice turnout today — 10 players. Two triples teams and two doubles.

Group picture of players on November 2, 2014
Back   row, left to right — Bill, Logan, Steve, Dakota, Hans —
Front row, left to right — Adan, Kassy, Taylor, Alissa, Brian —

Bill, Brian, and Adan are visiting from Jerome and Coolidge.

Kassy, Taylor, Alissa, Logan, and Dakota are new players who have taken to squat pointing more quickly than any new players I’ve ever seen.

Special thanks to Dakota for posing for the picture of picking up the circle too soon.

Photos – advertising via the Loft Cinema

I’ve arranged for some advertising via the Loft Cinema. Over the next several months, a black-and-white 1/8-page ad will appear in their monthly magazine, and they will show an on-screen slide as part of their pre-show advertising.

In the ads, I don’t try to explain what petanque is. That would be impossible in the limited space that we have. My goal is just to let people know that we exist, and how to find us. So the message is simple. There is a Tucson petanque club. If you want to learn more, google “Tucson Petanque Club”.

The 1/8-page ad will look like this, but in black-and-white.


I’m pretty happy with on-screen slide (below). As Matt McCoy (Photoshop wizard on the Loft’s design staff) said, “Just looking at this slide gives you a pretty good idea of what petanque is.”   You may recognize the gentleman in red as Marco Foyot, one of the all-time great players of the game.   The photo of the players in Bryant Park, in New York City, is courtesy of La Boule New Yorkaise.



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