Photos: 2015-2016 and 2016-17 seasons

Photos: 2017-03-30
Here are some pictures from Thursday play in Oro Valley. We had seven players— Carl, Elaine, Fritz, Kaye, Lori, Mark Hurwitz, and Steve. We played triples to 9 points, and each game one player would sit out and watch/kibbitz/umpire. It worked out very well.

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Photos: 2017-03-19
We had a pretty big turnout (14 people) considering how late it is in our season. Ross and Loretta were visiting from New Mexico. Patrice and son Nico, who have played with us before, dropped in. Lori and Steve brought Ariana and Luca. Somebody (I forget who) brought newcomer Paul. It seemed hot, although the weatherman said the high was only 90°F, down from 94°F yesterday. This was the last time that Francine and Richard will play with us this spring– they’re driving back to Quebec later this week.

Lori, Steve, Luca, Ariana

Patrice and Nico – I like the picture of Nico– great form!


Paul and Eric

Loretta (with Patrice in the background)

Ross (with Eric in the background)

A couple of random group photos.
That’s Fritz in the white shirt and Francine in the red shorts. In the background, you can see Jon in the blue shirt and Richard in the red baseball cap.

January 31, 2017

In front of the terrain at Carl’s house. Daniel Duflot, Kaye, Carl.


January 8, 2017

We had an all-time record number of players today— 22 if you count drop-ins. There were too many players to get photographs of everyone, so I tried to get pix of just our newest players. In most cases mousing over a picture will show its title; clicking on it will show a larger image.

Everybody you see in this picture is playing petanque!

Our newest players: Diane (from the French for Breakfast group), Doug, Nancy

Paul and Ricardo

Just a couple of pix that I liked.

Finally, here are three wonderful panorama-style pictures that Gonzalo Alvarez (who was there with Jayson) took with his iPhone. You really have to click on them and open them up full-screen to appreciate them. Again, everybody you see in these pictures is playing petanque!

December 4, 2016

A great turnout today with more than a dozen players. Patrice and Nico joined us for the first time. Lori is off to Belgium for several weeks.

Click on any of the images below to see a larger display of the pix that you can right-arrow and left-arrow through. From there, you can right-click on an individual picture to see it at its largest size.

December 11, 2016

This week I got a picture of Francine that I rather like.

A new player this week— Carl’s wife Judy. Le regard de championne.

Another new player this week: Jason.


Photos – 2016-04-24 — Last day of regular spring play

Sal, Hans, Alan, Jon, Elaine
Sal, Hans, Alan, Jon, Elaine
Hans, Elaine, Steve, Alan, Jon
Hans, Elaine, Steve, Alan, Jon


Photos – 2016-03-06

We had some new players this week, Kay and Marian.
Elaine is back from Newfoundland. 🙂

Our newest player, Kay.
Our newest player, Kay.
From left to right- Sid, Ron, Elaine, Erin
Alan, with Marian and Ron in the background.
Alan, with Marian and Ron in the background.

Photos – 2016-02-28

The bad new is that John and Becky will be heading home this week. They’ve become regulars and we’ll miss them.

The good news is that I got pictures of folks that I missed last week. Here are Sid and Erin. On the right, I lucked out and captured Erin’s follow-thru.

Ron (left) brought a friend and first-time player… Ron (right).

In the last game, I tried for a group photo.

left to right - Erin, Sid (foreground), Becky, John (in the circle), Norman, Carol.
left to right – Erin, Sid (foreground), Becky, John (in the circle), Norman, Carol.

Photos – 2016-02-21

We had five visitors today— Steve, Erin and Sid, and Norman and Carol. I managed to grab only a few photos with my cell phone. That’s Carol pointing, with Steve in the black shirt.


And here is Norman.

Photos – 2016-02-14

This was a big weekend. Between new regulars and visitors we had 13 players, along with a couple of spectators. Unfortunately I got only a few pix toward the end of the afternoon. I failed to get photos of young Bradley, as well as Etienne, Wilma, and Marianne. We hope to see them again. I did get pix Gary and Ronnie, Dick, and Rich.



We don't have many squat pointers, but here is Rich in great form.
We don’t have many squat pointers, but here is Rich in great form.

Photos – 2016-02-07

This week Rob and Koren are hitting the road, to finish their vacation with friends in Mexico before returning to Alaska. And Jon is heading back to Bellingham, Washington.

We had three visitors – Carol and John, and Hans’s friend Gary.

Here are some action shots. Click on the pictures to see larger images.

Best wishes to Jon, who is heading back to the Seattle area this week.

Here is a slideshow of some pix of the play. Depending on your browser, you might be able to see larger images by right clicking and selecting “Open image in new tab”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos – 2016-01-17

We had a good turnout again this weekend (12 people) with some new visitors… Alan and Fred. Fred also plays in the petanque league at the South 40 RV Park, near Orange Grove Road and I-10.

Rob and Koren brought friends Al and Kay from Logan, Utah. (Al— The petanque club that I was remembering north of Salt Lake City is in Kaysville.)

al_kay_koren_rob_at_tpcAl, Kay, Koren, Rob

With a bit of help from my photo-editing program…

Photos – 2016-01-10

We had several new players/visitors today. I missed getting pix of Gabriel but I got a few of Becky, John, and Ron.

December 20, 2015

Jon, Steve, Mike, Charlie, Jean-Paul, Ted




Photos of Hans and friends in Bremen

Hans has sent a link to a Dropbox album of photos of him and his friends playing petanque in Bremen.

They play like we do… on an open terrain in a public park with a kids playground nearby.



Here’s the link to the Dropbox album –

Here’s a nice photo of Hans, taken here in Tucson by visitor John Ford in January 2016.


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