{Location} Brandi Fenton Memorial Park

Brandi Fenton Memorial Park
3482 East River Road, Tucson, AZ 85718 
Information at Pima County web site

There are two entrances to the park— one on Dodge and one on River Road. To get to our playing area, use the River Road entrance at the intersection of River Road and Alvernon. (Google Maps). This map shows where to park.

As you approach the parking area indicated on the map, you will see a distinctive brown structure that looks like a Chinese gate.

Park your car. Walk to that gate, then look past it. You will see a long sidewalk that leads toward the old stables (the green-and-white building in this photograph) and the splash pad.

Walk down that sidewalk. When you get past the stables, turn left. Walk past the stables on your left and the splash pad on your right. Walk past the restroom building. You will see us inside the old horse-exercise area (the area enclosed in a sort of iron fence).

If that area is occupied by some other group, or we simply aren’t there, look for us near the ramada and open area to the west of the splash pad.