Directions to Carl’s house

Here are directions to Carl’s house.

The address is 5872 N. Camino Arizpe. It is north of the Rillito River, north of Sunrise, and east of Swan. From Grant and Swan the trip is about 5 miles and should take about 15 minutes.

Once you are at the intersection of Swan and Sunrise, head east on Sunrise. Very quickly, after the shopping center, you will see the entrance to Skyline Bel Air Estates on a big stone wall on your left. Turn left (north) into Skyline Bel Air Estates (the street name is Calle Arenosa) and follow the written directions (below). Find it on Google Maps HERE.

Here are a few screenshots from Google Maps. First, we have a high-level map showing the trip from Grant and Swan. Click on it to enlarge it. Basically, you just go north on Swan until you hit Sunrise, and then turn right.5872ncaminoarizpe_directions_map_lo

Here we have a detailed map of the last part of the trip. Click on it to enlarge it.5872ncaminoarizpe_directions_map_hi

Here are some directions in words. 5872ncaminoarizpe_directions
When you get there, the address is clearly marked and the house is on the right. The first driveway that you see dips steeply down to an entryway and the front door of the house. Follow it, and park in the area in front of the front door of the house.