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Start time moves to 10am on December 11

On Sunday December 11— not tomorrow, December 4— our Sunday start time will move to 10 am.
The following Thursday, December 15, our Thursday start time will also move to 10 am.
Groups that play on other days will probably make similar moves, but that is up to the organizers and participants of those groups.

Thanks to everyone for responding to my poll on this matter. Your responses made the collective preference clear.

Normally I’d conduct a second survey and make this announcement in person tomorrow, but the weatherman is predicting about an 85% chance of rain for all morning so it’s possible that it will be too wet to play. As always, our rain cancellation policy is to rely on individual judgment and the Punxsutawney Phil Petanque Participation Protocol (PPPPP)— Stick your nose outside of your burrow; if the weather looks too foul to play, go back inside.

My new knee is healing nicely and I’m planning to begin playing again on December 11. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again!


Photos: 2021 & 2022 seasons

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@ 2021 – 2022 Winter Season

@ December 2021

This was a rough year. We were still in Covid-19 pandemic mode. In December, just before the appearance of the “omicron” variety, Patrice contracted Covid and passed away.

Still, most (all?) of our players were vaccinated and boosted, and many continued to play regularly.

And here’s one in Harold Bell Wright Park, the day before Christmas eve.

@ faire un biberon – a post from December 2021

On Sunday someone asked me if there was a French expression for a situation where a boule is touching the jack. I knew that such an expression existed, but I couldn’t remember what it was. In English we’d say that the boule is kissing the jack. What would a French petanque player say?

The French expression is faire un biberon (to make a baby-bottle) or faire un têtard (to make a tadpole). The French seems to suggest that the boule isn’t merely close to the jack, or touching it. The boule is stuck to the jack. Like a baby sucking on a baby-bottle?
Anyway, if you have a question about French petanque terminology, here is one online resource.

@ January 2022 — visiting players Jessica & Suzanne & Mona

In the first three months of 2022 we had many more winter visitors than I would have expected, given that the pandemic is not under control. Perhaps it is fair to say, though, that it IS under control among our players, who are all vaccinated and (in most cases, I think) also boosted. These three ladies arrived all at once, and I needed to ask for help in remembering their names. Mona was one of the remarkable number of people that Robin managed to recruit from the winter visitors from his hometown in Minnesota.




@ February 28, 2022

Our 2022 group photo. It was great to see everyone again. We have 20 folks in the photo… a few of our regular players couldn’t make it. If you want to download a copy of the original photo, untitled and uncropped, you can find it HERE. Terry Hall was a player visiting from Australia for about a month, and he was kind enough to take the first group photo.

Click to see a larger image.

And here’s one with Terry and the group.
Click to see a larger image.

After the group photo, I managed to get a few more snaps.

Considered purely as a composition, this is my favorite.

Photographing players and a game from this angle seems to work out pretty well.

Visiting player Terry from Australia, with Lew and Alán.

@ March 20, 2022 – spring tournament

This year the spring tournament was dedicated to the memory of Patrice Boudou, who we lost to COVID-19 in December. Lew did an excellent job of organizing the event and creating a plaque that was presented to Tamara and Nicco. Carl made a big assignment/scoring board, and Mo (Maureen) found a really wonderful post-event lunch venue at Three Canyon Beer and Wine Garden. Doreen was alert enough to snap a few pix.

David and Mark won in Division A.
Judy and Higgins won in Division B.
David and Mark were the over-all tournament winners.

@ 2022 – 2023 Winter Season

@ September 2022

Fritz and wife had a wonderful summer trip to the Côte d’Azur, Italy, and Switzerland. Fritz is still playing chess regularly with Ricardo, and last week Paul (Ricardo’s dad) took a quick snap of them after their weekly chess match. Fritz reports that Ricardo is now in the ninth grade at Basis School.

The rules we play by

Since we have a number of new players, I thought it might be helpful to say a bit about the rules we play by.

There is a set of international rules put out by the FIPJP (the international petanque federation), but they are poorly written; they can be confusing or downright unfair; and in many situations they require the presence of an FIPJP-certified umpire.

In TPC we play by the rules of Petanque Libre. These are a modified form of the FIPJP rules designed for games where there is no umpire. They are also designed to be clearer and fairer than the FIPJP rules.

In addition, TPC has a few local rules tailored to our climate and playing area.

All of these are available on the TPC website, under the DOCUMENTS heading.

TPC downloadable documents and image files

Periodically I get a request for a copy of an image file of our logo, or a document such as our handout/brochure, or the round-robin schedules that we use to set up our tournaments, or a copy of the rules of Petanque Libre.

All of those files are available for download from the TPC website, via the menu bar at the top of the page, under the DOCUMENTS tab.