Guidelines for play during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tucson Petanque Club’s (TPC) early pandemic guidelines required mask-wearing and social distancing for all players. In April 2021, we relaxed those guidelines in light of the fact that all of our members were fully vaccinated.

Guidelines for play during the pandemic, as of April 25, 2021.

  1. Anyone who is not fully vaccinated must wear a mask while participating in TPC events.
  2. Players who have been fully vaccinated (both shots, plus 2 weeks) are free to wear a mask, or not, as they see fit, EXCEPT THAT: an unvaccinated player may ask the other players in a game to wear masks. If that happens, the other players must wear masks during the game.

These guidelines are mandatory for everyone participating in TPC events.
These revised guidelines will remain in effect indefinitely.

  1. If you are unwilling or unable to comply with TPC guidelines, stay home. Do not come out to play with us. If you come out to play with us, but are unwilling or unable to comply with our pandemic guidelines, other players will refuse to participate in a game with you.
  2. If you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, or if in the last 14 days you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 or exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, stay home. Do not come out to play with us.
  3. If you start to exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 and have participated with us during the last 14 days, let us know immediately. Call Steve Ferg at 520-664-4133 or send email to

Note that during this pandemic you are responsible for your own judgments about what constitutes acceptable risk. TPC members will make every reasonable effort to see that TPC guidelines are followed, but TPC cannot guarantee immunity from Covid-19. When you make your decision about whether or not to participate, you must determine your own subjective degree of risk tolerance, and make your own risk/benefit calculations. If you don’t feel comfortable playing with these guidelines in place, we advise you not to participate. If your age or health puts you in elevated danger from Covid-19, please consider your decision seriously.

Players who want (or are willing) to play without observing the TPC guidelines are of course free to make their own private arrangements for play outside of TPC events.