{Location} Golf Links Sports Complex

The Golf Links Sports Complex is a large sports complex on the east side of town, just north of the Craycroft Road gate of Davis Monthan AFB. It is on the west side of Craycroft between 29th Street and Golf Links Road. Click HERE for Google Maps.

Click on the map (below) to see a larger version.golf_links_sports_complex_mapA1

The playing area has an excellent playing surface, nearby parking and restrooms, and pleasant surroundings, including a small playground. The downside is that it has no shade, so it is an excellent location for play on cool/cloudy days but not on hot/sunny days.

The playing area is at the very end of the park. Drive as far into the park as you can. Eventually the road ends in a small parking lot. To your left is a restroom building. To your right is a children’s playground. Between them is a big open area that makes perfect petanque terrain.

Click on the map (below) to see a larger version.golf_links_sports_complex_mapB1