Kriegh Park (Oro Valley)

James D. Kriegh Park in Oro Valley has a good place to play. (See Google Maps.)

To get there, take Oracle Road north from Tucson. The distance from the intersection of Oracle Road and Speedway is about 12 miles and the estimated travel time is about 30 minutes. Click on image to enlarge.directions_kriegh_park_1

When you get to the stop light at E. Linda Vista Boulevard, turn left (west). A bit down the road you will be able to turn left (south) onto Egleston Drive. Do that. Egleston Drive is the access road into the park.

Follow the road past the blue-roofed kids’ playground, and go to the far end of the parking lot. Park. Click on image to enlarge.directions_kreigh_park_2

The terrain, which is between the parking lot and some fenced-in baseball fields, will be directly in front of you, under some trees. Click on image to enlarge.directions_kriegh_park_3