Handling last-minute problems

Telephone contact information

For information (including last-minute directions and questions) or just to speak to a live human person, call our president/coordinator/webmaster:

Steve Ferg 
cell phone = (520) 664-4133


The Tucson Petanque Club is very informal and has no official cancellation policy.
People just show up (or not). Even when rain is forecast, we rarely get rained out. Our terrain in Reid Park is hard-packed and dries quickly after a rain, so it can rain in the morning and still be playable in the afternoon. However, if it is clear that play must be cancelled for some reason, the coordinator may post a notification on this web site. If you have signed up for email notifications (see the instructions on our main page) the post will automatically be sent to you in an email message.

When in doubt, call our coordinator for last-minute information.

Last-minute parking problems

Our playing area in Reid Park is close to the Demeester Outdoor Performance Center (aka Reid Park Bandshell). Sometimes there are very large events at Demeester, and the Concert Place parking lot (where we normally park) gets so full that it is impossible to find a parking spot.

When that happens, look for alternate parking in the Picnic Place parking area.  

If you are completely unable to find parking—

  • Call our coordinator on your cell phone. In unexpected situations, it’s always good to stay in touch.
  • Go home and chalk it up to bad luck.  Don’t worry about it.  Next week will be another week.

In such a situation, do NOT park in any semi-legal location.  For big events, the police will be out in force, giving tickets for illegal parking.  You WILL be ticketed.


Send us a message (do NOT put your email address in the body of your message, where it will be visible to spambots)

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