{Location} Mehl Park

George Mehl Family Foothills Park
4000 East River Road
Tucson, AZ 85718
Information at Pima County web site

“Mehl”, I guess, is probably pronounced like “Mell”.
Mehl Park is located on River Road between Alvernon and Swan. (Google Map). The park is about half a mile from Brandi Fenton Park, and about a quarter of a mile east of the JCC on River Road.

There are restrooms and easy parking. During the week, the park is virtually deserted and very quiet. The terrain varies from good to a little uneven. I think that a little work with a landscaper’s rake would probably upgrade it from “acceptable” to “good” and possibly even to “very good”. The most notable features of the playing areas are the big, old mesquite trees which create excellent shade. I think that this makes Mehl Park a good option for play during the summer.

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The entrance to the park is on the south side of River Road, between the JCC (to the west) and Pontatoc Road (to the east). The entrance to the park is clearly marked.

Go in thru the entrance and stay to the right. You will come to a long parking lot.
Continue to stay to the right.

At the far end of the parking lot you will see the blue roof of a ramada.

Park near the ramada.

To the left of the ramada are restrooms. Behind the ramada are some large baseball fields.

Around the outside of the ball fields are a number of big, old mesquite trees that form a
shaded avenue. That’s where we play.