Reid Park

Reid Park, 830 S Country Club Road, Tucson, AZ 85716

(Go to Google Maps)   (Park facilities/ramadas map)  (See larger image)
Reid Park is big and it has several entrances. To find us, you need good directions.

Directions via map (above)

  1. Enter the park via the “Concert Place” entrance. This entrance is on Country Club Road, between 22nd Street and Broadway. It is opposite East Eastland street. The address (if it had one) would be about 830 South Country Club Road.
  2. Note that there are TWO entrances to the park from Country Club— Concert Place and Picnic Place. To find us, you must enter by the Concert Place entrance, which is the northern entrance, the one closest to the Catalina Mountains.
  3. Once inside the Concert Place entrance, turn right and keep going to the end of the last parking lot. See the area marked PARKING on the map (above).


Directions via photos

  1. Enter the park from the “Concert Place” entrance.

    Reid Park entrances
    Reid Park entrance, approaching from the south and looking north on Country Club, ready to turn right into the park. The “Reid Park” sign doesn’t give the street name, but the green street sign (above the red STOP sign) says “Concert Place”.
  2. As soon as you get through the entrance, you will have the choice of turning left or right into parking areas. Turn right.
  3. Proceed through the first big parking lot.   Pass the dog park, which will be behind a big iron fence on your right.
  4. When you come to the end of the first parking lot, you will see a huge cottonwood tree. A short turn-off to the right crosses a wash and leads into a second parking lot. Take this little turn-off road and go into that second parking lot.reid_park_big_cottonwood
  5. Drive to the end of this second parking lot.   On your right, you will pass the entrance to the Rose Test Garden.
  6. Park at the end of the parking lot. This is the area marked PARKING in the map.
  7. At the end of the parking lot you will see a small brown building. This is for restrooms. To the left, a short distance away, you will see playground equipment.
    View from the end of the parking lot, looking east toward the restroom building.
  8. Walk past the restrooms building and look for the ladies and gentlemen with the metal boules and the red plastic throwing circles.

Alternate parking

When there is a big event at the Demeester Bandshell, parking can be limited in the Concert Place parking lot closest to our playing area. When that happens, a good alternative is the Picnic Place parking area. See the area marked ALTERNATE PARKING on the map.

  1. Enter the park via the entrance to the Picnic Place parking lot. That is the first entrance north of 22nd Street on Country Club.
  2. After entering the park, turn left and drive to the north end of the Picnic Place parking area. Park your car.
  3. Walk northeast across the grass, keeping the Dog Park on your left and the Rose Garden on your right. There is a big dip in the ground (a rainwater runoff area) just before you reach the Rose Garden, but it is pretty easy to cross.
  4. When you reach the parking lot, turn right and proceed east to the playing area.

If you are having difficulty finding a parking spot, do NOT park in any semi-legal location. For big events, the police will be out in force, giving tickets for illegal parking. You WILL be ticketed.


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