TPC admin portal

This page contains information for use by TPC officers and volunteers.

Club functions and officers

There are a number of functions/tasks/jobs that need to be done to keep the club healthy and running smoothly. For the sake of brevity, we here call a person who performs one or more of these functions an officer of the club.
A list of club officers and functions
Continuity plan – things to update for a new president, new webmaster, etc.

Memory Keepers

TPC has a number of online resources— email addresses, WordPress pages, Facebook pages, etc. We do NOT want to lose our ability to access those resources, so it is important for several trusted members of TPC to act as memory keepers of the password to the TPC secure information page (see below).
Invitation to become a memory keeper

Currently TPC’s memory keepers are:

* Carl    {520-977-5885}
* Fritz   {520-760-6656}
* Higgins {520-288-8818}
* Maureen {520-404-5297}
* Steve   {520-664-4133}
* Wilma   {650-346-8935}

Tutorial Pages (public)

How to logon as TPC webmaster & edit the TPC website

Admin Pages (Private)

These pages contain information for use by TPC admins. They are password-protected. Passwords are case-sensitive, so be sure that CapsLock is OFF before clicking these links.
{Secure} Information resources for the TPC webmaster
{Secure} Information resources for the TPC Publicity Coordinator
{Secure} Contact information for members and friends of TPC