TPC memory keeper invitation

[This is canned text to be used in an email inviting someone to become a memory keeper. It concisely explains what a “memory keeper” is. ]

Hi [fill in person-name before sending]

Part of the continuity plan of the Tucson Petanque Club involves maintaining a list of “memory keepers”. The list is available at:

A “memory keeper” is a reliable player who volunteers to do one thing: to remember a single word, a password. Remembering the password just means writing it write down and/or putting it some place where you can find it again if somebody asks you for it.

That password is the password to the TPC webmaster information page,, which contains the logon IDs and passwords for all of TPC’s other electronic assets (website, email addresses, Facebook page, etc.), It is, in short, the key that unlocks access to all of the electronic assets of both Tucson Petanque Club and Oro Valley Petanque.

The TPC webmaster knows the password, of course. The memory keepers are our insurance that other responsible people also know it. That way, if something happens to the webmaster, TPC will not lose access to its electronic assets.

If the webmaster is unavailable for some reason, and somebody else in TPC needs to access and update the TPC web site or to post a message, then that person can contact anyone on the list of memory keepers; get the password; and be able to update and administer TPC’s website. Naturally, this means that a memory keeper will give the password only to someone whom he trusts to use it responsibly.

Would you be interested/willing/able to be one of the memory keepers?

If not, that’s OK. If you would, let me know and also let me know the best phone number to reach you, and I’ll add you to the list. And of course you’ll need the password. It is:

[fill in password before sending]

[fill in your name before sending]